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Tap into the collective knowledge of your employees

Mindpool is an intelligent platform that helps companies collect, process and act on the collective intelligence of employees.

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We build Mindpools that engage organizations, in real-time

Close the information-gap and keep a finger on the pulse of the firm via predictions of performance, business insights, and suggested actions.

Predict performance

Understand your company's current and future performance, instantly.

Harness employee insights

Understand what drives positive or negative performance of the firm.

Get suggested actions

Discover suggested actions and solutions from all employees.

Heavy SkiesIceberg

Employees can predict company performance

A hunch is a hunch. Many hunches combined is collective intelligence. Employees have valuable business insights from hundreds of daily interactions.


Crowds make 25% more accurate predictions

Companies such as Ford, Henkel, HP, and Google have found that employees are collectively able to innovate, find new solutions, and predict the future.


What we do


We know what, when, and how to ask employees

We reach out to your organization to collect tacit knowledge and insights about firm performance.


Our intelligent platform identifies unique patterns

We analyze the data to predict future performance and help you understand the underlying drivers.


You get predictions, insights, and new actions

We present actionable insights and predictions allowing you to respond with speed and accuracy.


A “global mind” comprising humans and computers offers huge opportunities for informed decision-making, democratization of information, and worldwide problem-solving.

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Google

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Tap into employee knowledge today

Mindpool provides research-backed software designed to help harness employee knowledge. Use Mindpool to make better decisions about tomorrow.

  • Business performance predictions

  • Data-driven insights and actions

  • Top-tier privacy and security

  • Engaging user experience