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Founder's Words: When Research and Entrepreneurship Align

BlogWed Apr 08 2020Written by Mik Thobo-Carlsen2 minute read

When research and entrepreneurship align, powerful and tested ideas can come to life

Below are a few words from our co-founder, Mik Thobo-Carlsen, that talk about the very early days of Mindpool.

Having studied philosophy at the university, I spent a lot of time thinking about how we communicate and how language falls short in almost all aspects of digging deeper into subjective experiences. I noticed the seemingly endless amount of misunderstandings (big and small) that we experience every day.

I figured that there was a need to find the true meaning behind words of love, emotions, and the broad spectrum of situations that include an exchange of non-explicit understanding and information.

When I first met our co-founder, Carina Antonia Hallin, I was truly inspired by the fact that it is methodologically possible to extract tacit knowledge from individuals, by understanding and applying the methods, models, and data analysis of collective intelligence.

I saw an incredible opportunity to unlock the most valuable knowledge in organizations, tapping into the enormous world of highly processed data, which has already been distilled through the many filters of the human mind, our personal experience, and intuition. I also realized how intuitive it is that the frontline employees often have a more accurate intuition/gut feeling about customers, markets, and products than basically any employee from other levels in large organizations.

After reviewing Carina's scientific work, I realized that this was something that could add immense value and a competitive edge in all my companies and that it had a spectrum of additional applications.

I wanted to try it on global communities, groups with specific medical conditions, or just organizations with a noble cause that work to improve life, the environment, or inequality. Carina and I realized we were a good fit for each other. I introduced her to my long-time friend, Bjarke, who has a natural curiosity for anything and everything new, interesting, and scientifically proven.

Together we founded Mindpool

We set out to build a platform and an engine that could enable organizations and societies to tap into the new and deep layer of knowledge in a meaningful and effective way.

You've just read a blog post from Mindpool - a platform that helps you harness the collective intelligence of employees. Mindpool taps into the knowledge of employees to provide actionable predictions and curated insights. Mindpool is rooted in decades of research in collective intelligence. Read more from our resource universe or contact us here if you'd like to tap into the valuable knowledge of your employees.

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