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What’s in the works for Mindpool in 2021?

BlogMon Jan 04 2021Written by Mindpool4 minute read

It seems needless to say that 2020 has been a whirlwind.
A pandemic hit the world like a tsunami and showed everyone, especially companies, that being agile, ready, and optimized for change is crucial, now more than ever. More than ever, it is about leading through the crisis and not just managing the response.

However, from our perspective, 2020 wasn’t entirely bad. It was the year where Mindpool was officially founded, and when corona hit, we were faced with new challenges like everybody else. We were lucky to be in a developing phase and didn’t face the same difficulties as most other companies during the lockdowns. We are young and agile and are able to cope with the new situation effectively. Also, our investors had our back, and we were able to continue our journey and get Mindpool off the ground. What a crazy year.

So here we are — our second year in business.

We have managed to get together an incredible team of top motivated and hardworking people, who are all getting ready for the next part of the journey. We have already onboarded our first ten clients, and everybody feels the energy and the expectations for the future. We have a ton of plans and exciting new initiatives that we want to push throughout 2021. Here’s a little sneak peek.

1. Our new platform

The idea of Collective Intelligence is based on a companies’ ability to utilize the knowledge and experience of their entire organization, especially when preparing for an uncertain future. Therefore, our engaging and inspiring platform is the very core of Mindpool. It goes without saying that building a brand new platform from scratch is hard work and takes trial and error, but we’ve come a long way and could not have launched our beta without the help of our partners. Their feedback has helped us improve our data collection and delivery of insights. In the coming months, we will be able to introduce the platform to even more companies and organizations, so do not hesitate to reach out if your organization is ready to start listening more to your employees’ predictions and knowledge.

2. Our content universe for Collective Intelligence 

Mindpool is founded on years of research in collective intelligence. In addition to our product, we want Mindpool to become the ultimate go-to resource for collective intelligence. 

This means a strong content strategy that includes biweekly blog posts, a newsletter called Mindpool Digest that’s published once a month as well as posts on social media. We’re fun to follow if you ask us! On the blog, we share a mix of hardcore collective intelligence research, such as how collective intelligence can essentially change the world and predict the future, as well as more lighthearted posts like this one. 

Our newsletter, Mindpool Digest, is your go-to newsletter for all things related to collective intelligence. We share news, inspiring articles, and resources that feed your eyes, ears, and mind with collective intelligence facts and stories. 

3. Podcast in the making

In addition to our collective intelligence content universe, we’re currently hard at work in brainstorming for a podcast that will illustrate just how wild collective intelligence is. This will be outlined in every episode where we share a new take on how collective intelligence can be used and what issues it can solve. Lots of exciting people and projects are coming up.

4. Growing the team

In 2020, we grew our team from 4 to 12 brilliant team members. In 2021, that number will continue to grow as we are looking for the strongest, sharpest, and most sensational brains to embark on the Mindpool journey. Please stay updated on our Careers page for opportunities.

We love what we are doing, and we can’t wait for 2021 to commence to continue growing Mindpool. Thank you for joining us onboard Mindpool. We look forward to sharing this year two in business with you. 

5. Collaborate with more amazing customers & partners

Having landed on our feet after a chaotic year, we are both ready and excited to work with new forward-looking companies and partners in 2021. Building a world-class platform to support companies and organizations in the journey of unlocking their collective intelligence is what we set out to do, and our partners and customers are at the heart of making this happen. 

In 2020, we experienced first-hand how companies have used Mindpool to discover new insights, ideas, and predictions about their business altogether, and this is ultimately the fuel for everything we do. Simply put, we are looking forward to a year of onboarding and helping more companies tap into the power of their collective intelligence and engage their organization. 


You've just read a blog post from Mindpool - a platform that helps you harness the collective intelligence of employees. Mindpool taps into the knowledge of employees to provide actionable predictions and curated insights. Mindpool is rooted in decades of research in collective intelligence. Read more from our resource universe or contact us here if you'd like to tap into the valuable knowledge of your employees.

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