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Three books we're reading right now

BlogTue Mar 30 20213 minute read

Here at Mindpool, we have one thing in common. We love to read. More often than not, we find ourselves sharing book recommendations during conversations at the coffee station or in our weekly meetings. 

What’s better than a good book recommendation, we figured, which is why we decided to share our recent favorite reads with you. Books and the act of reading are an endless source of inspiration. Reading strengthens our brains, shifts perspective, and books help us understand the world and change it for the better. 

Here are three books that team Mindpool has read and loved recently

Humanocracy by Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini

At Mindpool, we often share the importance of staying agile as a company if they wish to succeed and survive in an ever-changing world. Humanocracy by Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini shares a similar viewpoint and teaches the reader how to build organizations that are proactive and ready for change. This means building companies where everyone has a chance to learn and innovate.

Similarly, it outlines the value of giving every team member a chance to contribute. The book understands the value of employee inclusion as companies perform better when every team member has a voice and feels heard, which will lead to an increase in employee engagement. 

Reinventing organizations by Frederic Laloux

Reinventing organizations by Frederic Laloux has been an inspiring read this month that hasn't become less relevant the last couple of years. 

The book advocates for more people centricity in organizations and proposes a new way for leaders to organize: The Teal organization. In such a streamlined organization and way of working, tapping into employees' collective knowledge is a key enabler of fast, yet informed distributed decision power. It moves the organizations away from too much-centralized control and the premise that only people "at the top" can make decisions. 

For a lighter, quicker read, the book comes in an illustrated version, which we also recommend. 

How to avoid a climate disaster by Bill Gates

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates has been this month's thought-provoking read. 

Climate change is no news, but this book outlines what we can do to reverse the effects. The good news is that there is hope because we have many of the technologies that we need to yearly remove the 51bn tonnes of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere necessary to reach a net carbon zero towards 2050.

However, there's still a long way to go and many innovations and decisions to be made. This book gives you an overview and lays out the facts to provide you with solutions and facts about what you can actually do to take climate action. 

Enjoy reading!

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