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Crowd Ideation & Innovation at AT&T engages 130,000 employees

Crowd Ideation & Innovation1 minute read

The opportunity

AT&T developed an internal crowd ideation tool – the Innovation Pipeline (TIP) – that allows any employee to submit, vote on, and discuss various innovative ideas. Participants use virtual 'coins' to invest in the proposals, which they think will have the most significant impact. Top-ranked ideas get pitched to senior, and any approved proposals move on to an incubation phase.

The outcome

  • Crowd ideation (internal platform – the Innovation Pipeline, PIP)
  • 130,000 active participants from all 50 states and 52 countries
  • 25,000 innovation ideas submitted
  • Numerous patents
  • Over $38 million invested by AT&T in viable innovation projects
  • High ROI


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