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Crowd ideation at Copenhagen Airport to identify emerging risks and uncertainties

Crowd ideation at Copenhagen Airport to identify emerging risks and uncertainties

Crowd Ideation & Innovation1 minute read

The opportunity

The Commercial Excellence department at Copenhagen Airport looked to the use of crowd ideation to identify unique and emerging risks and uncertainties in the organization associated with the growth and physical expansion of the airport. The goal was to proactively identify upcoming risks that could have a profound or serious impact on revenue and thereby enable proactive decision-making.

The project approach

The crowd ideation project consisted of 2 phases: a collection of ideas and subsequent filtering of ideas. Planned for 100 participants to participate in both phases of the study. First, the ideation phase was carried out and participants were asked to propose ideas on risks with an impact on revenue. Second, the same respondents were asked to filter all ideas by investing virtual ’coins’ in the best ideas, narrowing the ideation to a list of the most promoted 20 risks and uncertainties.

The outcome

  • 92 respondents identified 1,165 unique risks and uncertainties.
  • Filtering of identified risks sorted by perceived importance.
  • A list of the top 20 unique risks identified to impact the revenue of Copenhagen Airports.
  • Risks include consumer confidence, price changes of products in the shopping area, new strategic initiatives, projects exceeding allocated time, etc.
  • The input used at the following board meeting, providing important insights for future decision-making.


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