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Crowd Ideation in General Electric to source new ideas for products and technology

Crowd Ideation & Innovation1 minute read

The opportunity

General Electric refers to crowd ideation as ‘accessing a global brain’. The company invested a sizeable amount in using technology to connect with its 300,000 people around the organization to solve the biggest issues and enable radical innovation throughout the company.

The outcome

  • General Electric have launched their own crowd ideation and innovation tool – Fuse.
  • Fuse opens for crowd ideation across the global organization.
  • 70,000 users across more than 150 countries.
  • 3,844 ideas submitted.
  • 80,000 comments logged.
  • 120,000 votes cast in screening for the best ideas.
  • 12 projects received funding of $55 million.
  • 15% of submissions from students alone.


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