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Crowd Predictions

Accurate and dynamic predictions

Tap into your organization to enable dynamic forecasting for proactive decision-making.

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Powerful predictions based on collective intelligence

Powerful predictions based on collective intelligence

By tapping the tacit knowledge of your organization – the collective intelligence – Mindpool enables accurate predictions and dynamic forecasts. Crowd predictions contribute to your ability to make proactive decisions. Crowd predictions span from tangible KPIs (NPS score, sales figures, capacity, etc.) to decision-support (product success, scenario planning, competitor entry, etc.). Mindpool helps you tap the very pulse of your organization.


Mindpool crowd predictions are based on decades of collective intelligence research, from selecting the right crowd, asking the right questions, to methodically processing the data for not just accurate predictions, but predictions in lead time.

Mindpool Prediction Typologies


Defined Problems

KPIs, demand, revenue, capacity, net promoter score, churn, etc.

First generation predictions

Products & decisions

New product success and decisions, strategy, marketing, deadline compliance, etc.

Second generation predictions

Low frequency high impact events

Corruption, natural disasters and force majeures, climate changes, flooding, etc.

Third generation predictions

Dynamic forecasting

Operational and external environment – the pulse of the organisation.

Fourth generation predictions

The assumptions about clearly defined contexts where business problems are straightforward to describe no longer hold as we increasingly engage in turbulent and dynamic environmental contexts.

Example use cases

See examples of crowd prediction use cases below.

Customer satisfaction

Predict future Net Promoter Score (NPS) for proactive decision-making

Your frontline employees have a unique tacit knowledge based on their day-to-day work, interactions with clients, talks with colleagues over lunch, etc. By asking the correct questions to the correct crowd, Mindpool can help you aggregate and process this tacit knowledge, providing predictions that outperform alternative forecasting methods and enable proactive decisions.

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Product success

Predict the success and impact of new product launches

Your frontline employees are the ones who engage with customers. They have unique intuition and can sense the small specifics that make the big differences for your customers – good and bad. Mindpool allows you to leverage this data, for example by identifying the product that would have the most positive effect on your bottom-line.

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Predict project deadlines and postponements

Your frontline employees have a unique tacit knowledge based on their day-to-day work, interactions, and experiences. Such insights can serve as an early-warning system for postponements in project deadlines and planning. By asking the right crowd the correct questions, tacit knowledge is aggregated and processed by Mindpool’s proprietary algorithms, providing your organization with predictions that outperform alternative forecasting methods.

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