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Crowd Ideation & Innovation

Tackle your most critical challenges

Discover novel ideas, radical innovation, and unique solutions to your most pressing issues.

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Capture your organization’s collective intelligence and solve complex problems

Capture your organization’s collective intelligence and solve complex problems

Mindpool helps organizations tap into the collective intelligence of employees for sourcing novel ideas, generating innovation, and solving complex challenges. Today, organizations must innovate faster, collaborate more, and be increasingly proactive. Collective intelligence is a valuable but often overlooked resource in an increasingly dynamic business environment.


Capture ideas and collaborate across your organization with Mindpool.


Capture ideas and innovation directly from employees. Mindpool enables the collection of raw employee-generated content, ideas, innovation, and input. The platform employs Natural Language Processing to process and organize complex unstructured data


Identify the most value-adding, critical, or “just-do-it” ideas, innovations, and solutions. Filter and sort input with existing or new crowds. Tailor insights to your specific organization, issue, or situation.


Collaborate with chosen members from your crowd, trusted stakeholders, or external experts to develop input from a general idea to an actionable plan. Include participants and employees for better employee engagement

Example use cases

See examples of concrete use cases below.

Customer satisfaction

Identify lead causes for declining Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Frontline employees have first-hand experience dealing with customers. As such, they are capable of sensing and have a developed intuition of which issues cause low customer satisfaction. By asking the right questions to the right crowd of frontline employees, Mindpool enables you to harvest the tacit knowledge in your company, transforming intuition into insights for decision-making. An output could be insights on the top 10 issues, ideas or innovations for your company to focus on, which would lead to a higher NPS score.

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Firmwide performance

Identify novel ideas and innovations that drive competitive advantage

Across the departments in your organization, employees gather knowledge about what your customer needs and wants. Customer service employees sense your clients’ agony when not finding the right product in your portfolio, leaving for a competitor. Your sales employees feel your clients’ frustration when they complain about your bronze package not having enough features and your expensive silver package having too many. These are valuable insights that need to be structured to be useful. Mindpool supports you to transform your employees’ tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge for better decision-making.

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Product success

Curate content to identify quick-wins and low-hanging fruits

By allowing the crowd to physically place features, ideas, or innovations on a value-add matrix with value and ease of implementation, you can quickly and efficiently capture and curate the collective intelligence and input of employees. This type of aggregation allows you to prioritize and spend time on what really matters, ensuring employee engagement from idea generation to implementation.

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